Are you wired for success?

With a wired connection, you can rest assured knowing that all your devices will remain reliably connected with little risk. Keep ahead of the game. Let Multisource help set up your home for success.

Home Networking

Stay reliably connected.

  • How many wired devices do you need to connect?
  • Do you have all the right cables and accessories?
  • Have you experienced dead zones?

With more devices being connected to a network than ever, it’s important to get the most out of your internet service. Make sure your most important connected devices are reliably connected. It’s always important to keep a strong base.

Ethernet Switches

Upgrading your network just got easier.

How are you watching TV? Are you a Netflix junkie or addicted to HBO? We got you covered.

Let us help with high-performance, multi-port gigabit ethernet switches, and reliably transmit your internet signal around your home.

Cable TV, Fi-Optics, Satellite & IP Streaming

Are you a gamer? Or do you like streaming video?

Eliminate interference with the right adapters and accessories, and reduce home networking costs by letting Multisource simplify the installation process.

Don’t let a poor connection ruin your experience when playing video games or streaming video or other high-bandwidth content.

Connection Center

Get ready for the best in home entertainment.

Structured wiring systems transmit the fastest, most powerful signals around your home or business, eliminating lag and latency when you’re set up with the right equipment.

Tech changes fast — be ready to adapt.

Wi-Fi & Wireless

Sometimes a wired connection just doesn’t cut it.

The days of sitting in front of a home computer with a wire connection are almost behind us, we rarely stay-put in our homes. We need to connect to the internet anywhere and everywhere throughout our homes.  If you need the flexibility to connect and work from any room in your home, a wireless network is your best option. Whether for work or fun & games, we offer the best in home networking.

Let us help you customize your home to ensure everyone can stay connected.

Wireless Access Points

Let’s face it: Wi-Fi is the ultimate networking convenience

  • Connect from anywhere in your home
  • Eliminate dead zones
  • Connect all devices at once, no lag or dropped connections

There’s nothing like being able to connect all your devices to a single network and stream all your favorite content. If you need to send a reliable wireless signal throughout your home or business, we can make it happen. Keep your house free of dead zones with the right models and proper placement of wireless access points and repeaters.

At Multisource, we know that connection mean everything, and we won’t let you down.